Slideout retrofits?

topic posted Sun, November 25, 2007 - 9:30 PM by  Steamboat Ed
--Just curious if anyone has seen this done or knows of a co. that might sell the hardware..
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Steamboat Ed
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    as the undisputed rv god, i will address this one,

    don't even think about it without an engineering degree! even the professional slide outs are a source of grief . an amateur slide out could wreak havoc with structural integrity as well as the likelihood of leaks and binding. rvs are generaly built with the minimum of body structure to begin with and just won't hold up to a big gaping hole in the side no matter how well that hole is filled. at least the factory slides are put into designs that factor this hole into the structure. generally i recommend against slide outs anyway but if you must have one, sell the one you have and buy a rig with the slide out in place.

    the sanity you save may be your own
    • like any of us are sane... we owe RVs!

      your funny, but I like that about you...
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        "we owe rvs"
        now thats what i call a Freudian slip!!!
        • well, it was 4:00 am in the morning... and I think I was still working on my last glass of wine... he he... but you are right, although lucky for me, I paid mine all off in one big payment... now I can burner it up all I want.. he he
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            yeah we paid cash too, too bad you didn't stop by and see our new baby! 36 feet of luxury
            ! even has a central vac!!! but alas even the paid for rv's cost continuously. ours costs $10.00 a month just for the registration!
            obviously there is upkeep and storage and tires and.... and.... and.....
            we owe our rv!.

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